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Welcome to BBC Direct / CZ Direct since 1999!
The Czech Republic Specialists - Equal to None - The First Here - Still Here!

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Within the dedicated bariatric facilities, with full ISO certification, we are proud to offer some of the leaders within this specialised field of surgery.

Not only was our Prague facility the first to successfully implant the Johnson & Johnson Lap Band in Europe, but we were the first in Europe to offer the WRAP procedure (some 18 months in front of others in The Czech Republic, and nearly the rest of Europe).

If you are looking for a first rate facility with a proven track record, capable of offering the complete range of surgeries, even to those of a BMI in excess of 50+ then you need not look, nor compare further.

Simply select the procedure(s) you’re interested in from our tariff page, and set your life changing procedure in motion…..

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