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General and Orthopaedic Surgery - Basic Details

Due to the specialized nature of some of these general and orthopaedic surgery offered, we list below the operations we can perform, but still wish to discuss with you your requirements on a one to one basis to ensure we send the correct information, to collect all the relevant information from you to ensure a full and proper quote can be issued.

The first section deals with Elective Surgery, we can offer the following surgeries:

Hernia Surgery - Classic
Hernia Surgery - Laparoscopy
Gall Bladder Surgery - Classic
Gall Bladder Surgery - Laparoscopy
Varicose Vein Surgery - Classic
Varicose Vein Surgery - Laser
Appendectomy - Classic
Appendectomy - Laparoscopy
Hemorrhoid Surgery (long method)

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With regards to the Orthopaedic Surgery, we offer the following specialized procedures, with the options of
15 or 30 YEAR LIFE TIME GUARANTEE  for HIP/KNEES procedures, and full 14 day REHABILITATION STAY

The procedures we can offer:
Total Hip Replacement - TOP Level (verilast technology - Smith & Nephew OXINIUM) - !! 30 YEAR WARRANTY !!
Total Hip Replacement - Smith & Nephew STANDARD Level  - !! 15 YEAR WARRANTY !!

Arthroscopy - Simple
Arthroscopy - incl. Ligament Reconstruction

Total Knee Replacement - TOP Level (verilast technology - Smith & Nephew OXINIUM) - !! 30 YEAR WARRANTY !!
Total Knee Replacement - Smith & Nephew STANDARD Level - !! 15 YEAR WARRANTY !!

KNEE - Visionaire

These include where applicable (please ask for full and detailed quote).
Consultation, pre-op tests, operation with Smith & Nephew OXINIUM material, anesthesia, blood recuperation, stay at clinic 8 days, all material, food, medicine, basic rehabilitation at clinic, medical equipment, postoperative medicine.

- with or without REHABILITATION STAY (at extra cost)which includes:
Consultation with rehabilitation expert, rehabilitation itinerary, stay at the clinic 14 days, active 2x a day rehabilitation (practise at room, at gym, practise stand ups, walking, balance, practise at swimming pool if medically indicated), food, medicine, medical equipment, nursing, post-operative care, stitches removing.

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Brno Hospital - General & Orthopaedic Surgery
Located within the 2nd Largest City in the Czech Republic.  BRNO is ideally situated, with it's own international airport.

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