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Welcome to BBC Direct / CZ Direct since 1999!
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Cosmetic Surgery

Within our full time cosmetic/plastic surgery facilities, with full ISO certification, we are proud to offer some of the leaders within this specialised field of surgery.

Unlike the majority of our competitors, we will guarantee your operation fee up to your operation date, plus ensure the same surgeon whom see your initial photos, is the same for your personal consultation, and also operates on you to ensure continuality.

Our 'everything medical' price ensures even if you have to remain longer than the booked number of nights at the clinic (medical reasons), which in many cases as standard, are longer than many of our so called competitors, you will not be charged for these ‘extras’ – Being one of the first here (Czech Republic) we have adapted our service to you, from experience, and for the care needed for these types of procedures you are coming abroad for.  If you wish to be looked after by one of the main leaders, and not a ‘follower’ – then we are your answer.  We are of course still happy to address any concerns/questions you may have.

We also provide a dedicated post-op support service once you have returned home to ensure fast and effective replies to any questions you may have. Therefore, if you are looking for a first rate facility with a proven track record, capable of offering the complete range of surgeries, guaranteed operation fees, and post-op support then you need not look, nor compare further.

Simply select the procedure(s) you’re interested in from our tariff page, and set your life changing procedure in motion…..

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