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Welcome to BBC Direct / CZ Direct since 1999!
The Czech Republic Specialists - Equal to None - The First Here - Still Here!

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Your emails  will be answered between 8.30 a.m. and 9 p.m
Including weekends and bank holidays.  Calls mainly weekdays and standard office hours.
Whilst travelling, or over in CZ we will inform you of other contact details for 7 days,
and out of hours.

UK (+44) 07534 518 418





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Please submit your photos to:
Please only send as attachments, in JPG/GIF format.
We cannot accept ZIP files, any social media links, or download links for security issues.

UK Post

Please send to our UK mail forwarding address, and your mail will reach us in Prague:

Slington House
Rankine Road

Media Enquiries

We do not accept general/advertising media enquiries what so ever.
Any other type of media enquiry, via EMAIL ONLY via our media department,