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Welcome to BBC Direct / CZ Direct since 1999!
The Czech Republic Specialists - Equal to None - The First Here - Still Here!

Cosmetic Surgery Weight Loss General Surgery

Welcome to our online condensed website version. Here you will find the basic and most important information.

Within this version, you will be able to enquire about possible surgery, book and manage your booking online, but also with the full knowledge that we are only a phone call away.

Unlike many, we are available 7 days a week, 18 hours per day, and 24/7 for post-op support. <Contact Us>
We provide services across 2 facilities within the Czech Republic....

If you are interested in our AFFILIATE PROGRAM, then please visit 

BRNO Clinic BRNO Hospital
Prague 1, Waiting Room
Brno Clinic Operating Room Brno, Private Patient Rooms
Cosmetic Cosmetic
General Surgery

Spiralling costs worldwide often means it’s wiser to shop around and pick a location which offers the best surgeons for your particular procedure, whilst giving an economic advantage, without cutting corners with your care.

Here at BBC Direct (Bodies Beautiful Clinics) we can offer the perfect solutions for your medical procedures -   cosmetic surgery, weight loss (bariatric) surgery and orthopaedic surgery.


We offer a range of cosmetic procedures; breast augmentation, breast reduction, liposuction, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, facelift, to name but a few.
All are carried out by accredited surgeons with a wealth of experience behind them.
Location: Prague & Brno


Our Bariatric Clinic, headed by top professional within their field, such as for BIBs, lap banding, gastric sleeves, gastric bypass, gastric wraps amongst others.
The Prague facility is placed in the 10 top in Europe. The 1st to successfully use the J&J band, and the first in Europe (for 2 years) to offer the Wrap Procedure.
Location: Prague & Brno

ORTHOPAEDIC – Hips, Knees, Elbows

Within the new facility in Brno, opened by the President of the Czech Republic this year (2012) we are proud to offer one of the best equipped orthopaedic facilities within the Czech Republic (and perhaps most of Europe).
Location: Brno

Being a long established company, (since1999) we know the constantly changing market and operate only in our home country of the Czech Republic, along with our own surgeons, which are best suited for your needs.

If you think our service and procedure fees can be matched, without compromising your care, we would love to hear from you, as we are always happy to review your quotes received.

Our lines are open 15 hours a day, every day!
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